May 30, 2017

Why Solar Energy ?

At first glance Solar Energy seems not as cost-effective as grid power.

We wish we could provide you with a $ 1000 Solar system that could power your whole house and obsolete your $ 100 per month electric bill. Unfortunately, with this technology it is not possible. What we can offer you is a Solar System that covers partially or fully your electric power needs for a reasonable price.

So , which are some good reasons which speak for Solar Energy ?

–  Solar Energy is completely safe, green,non polluting and it is free. It is an inexhaustible Energy source for millions of years to come and especially valuable when grid power is not available.

–  Energy prices are only increasing over time. Your generated Solar Power will protect you from these rising costs.

–  When selling your house, Solar is also a valuable selling feature.

–  Solar has especially a great advantage if you are a medium or high user of electricity. It will eliminate the high tiers and can reduce your bill drastically. For example: A Solar System producing only half of your needed power can reduce your bill by 70%.

–   At this time utilities like DWP and the Federal Government offer incentives for installing Solar which reduce the final cost of the installation.

So, at second glance Solar Energy makes lots of sense.