May 30, 2017

Residential and Commercial Photovoltaic Installations

Residential and Commercial Solar Systems are designed by Buel Solar and installed by Absolutely Solar (Lic. C10 # 586139)

–   We provide free expert Consulting and site Evaluation.

–   We do honest consulting: We advise you if Solar is not feasible for you.

–   We match the proposed Solar System with your energy consumption or you can choose a percentage of it. (usually 30% to 100%)

–   We offer Solar Systems from 1.5 kW to 100 kW as straight Grid Tie or as Grid  Tie / Battery Back Up System. (In case of Power Outage)

–   We also install Stand Alone Systems for remote homes, cabins, etc.

–   We only use quality A-Class Panels and Inverters.

–   We install turnkey and prices are all inclusive.

–   We can provide Load Calculations and Main Power Panels upgrades.

–   We can install on roofs, garages, pergolas, backyards, hillsides, etc.

–   We can install where other installers can not: Reverse Angle, Custom Racking, Platforms, elevated Systems, etc.

–   We handle all paperwork for permits, inspections and incentives.

–   We provide 25 year warranty on Panels and 10 years on labor and Inverters.

–   We have a high customer referral rate and also pay an incentive for each referral.