May 30, 2017

Cost of Solar Systems

Each Solar System Quote will be treated individually. We compile all data after our visit to the customer.

Most common Cost factors are:

–  Size of System

–  Roofing material

–  Single array or multiple arrays in different locations

–  Medium output density or high output density panels

–  Length of conduit runs

–  Extra labor like concrete cutting, trench digging, etc.

–  Central Inverter or Micro Inverters

–  Special Permits

–  Flush Mount or Angle Mount

–  Roof Mount or Ground Mount

After evaluating all data we provide a Free Quote to the Customer with all important data included.

The average price for Solar Systems in California is currently at $ 5.46 per Watt.

Buel Solar prices for 2016 and 2017 started at $ 2.50 per Watt for Flush mount, medium density panels, Fronius inverter and minimal conduit run.

The high end price of $ 4.80 per Watt was for a reverse Angle Mount, high density and top brand panels, Micro Inverters, long conduit run, Stand-Off pre install and multiple roofs.

Buel Solar offers Customers first a low cost Quote with quality components: If the roof area is large, medium density A-Cass panels are as good as the most expensive panels. If the roof has minimal shading a lower cost single inverter is not only cheaper but can be more efficient than Micro Inverters.